Raymond Antrobus


Aunt Beryl Meets Castro


listen listen, you know I met Castro in
Jamaica in 77’ mi work with
government under Manley yessir you
should’da seen me up in mi younger
day mi give Castro flowers
a blue warm warm welcome to we
and mi know people who nuh like it
who say him should stay smokin’ in
him bush, our water and wood nuh want
problem with dat blaze, but Castro, him
understan’ the history of dem who harm
us, who make the Caribbean a kind of
mix up mix up pain. Me believe him
come to look us black people in the eye
and say we come from the same
madness but most our people nah wan
brave no war and mi understand dem,
but mi also know how we all swallow
different stones on the same stony path.
Most dem on the Island hear life in
some Queen’s English voice but I was
tuned to dem real power lines, I was
picking up all the signals. Some of dem
say, you know too much yuh go mad,
there a fear of knowledge for the power
it bring and mi understand dem just
trying to live and cruise through life
like a volt cruise through wire,