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Lithuanian Poetry Workshop

This workshop looks at an untitled poem (***) by Lithuanian poet, Nijolė Miliauskaitė. This workshop is free to join, and open to all poets and translators, regardless of their level of proficiency with the original language. This workshop will remain open for submissions until midnight on 7th January 2019, and then archived.

A literal translation is provided beneath, along with notes about the poem to help you create a version of the piece in English. We welcome all kinds of translation: from versions which cleave to the original and render it as ‘faithfully’ as possible, as well as ‘freer’ translations, versions, and responses in English. All suitable submissions will be featured online, and one submission will be chosen for inclusion in a digital pamphlet focusing on Lithuanian poetry.

This workshop is produced in partnership with British Council as part of the Baltic Countries Market Focus 2018.

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