We hope you’re keeping safe and well. These are difficult times, but being part of an international poetry community feels more important than ever, and we hope we will be able to provide a platform over the coming months for poets, translators and readers to come together, collaborate and share.

The Idle Poet

David Cooke reviews ‘Selected Poems of Giovanni Pascoli’, translated by Taije Silverman with Mariona Della Putta Johnston, Princeton University Press, 2019.

Like Bone, or Bread

In ‘Moder Dy’, Shetlandic poet Roseanne Watt explores the forgotten art of steering by the moder dy (mother wave), the name given to an underswell which is said to always travel in the direction of home.

To Never Know the World the Same

Amanda Hopkinson reviews ‘Home on the Move: Two Poems go on a Journey’, edited by Manuela Perteghella & Ricarda Vidal, Parthian, 2019.

As if the Sky is a Beginning

Shahd Hisham reviews Nostalgia, My Enemy, by Saadi Youssef, translated by Sinan Antoon and Peter Money, Graywolf Press, 2012.

A Thousandfold Loving

Derick Mattern reviews Pomegranate Garden by Haydar Ergülen, edited by Mel Kenne, Saliha Paker, and Caroline Stockford, Parthian, 2019.