Further notes on the Chus Pato workshop from Erín Moure

A note on line 26: ‘el tiempo tiene hun miedo ciempiés a los relojes’

This references César Vallejo’s poem ‘I’m laughing’; in the Eschleman translation it is:

It is time this advertisement of a great shoe store,
[it is time that marches barefoot]
from death toward death.

And, one page later, in a poem ending with ‘(Readers can give whatever title they like to this poem.)’:

Time has a centipedal fear of clocks.

In the first quote, Pato leaves out the middle line, so I put it here in square brackets.

In the Gianuzzi/Smith translation, the lines read:

It is time, this great shoe-shop announcement,
[it is time, unshod, on the move]
from death      toward      death.


Time has a centipede fear of clocks.

How would I, Erín, translate the lines?

This giant shoe-store advert is time,
[time that heads shoeless,]
from death       toward      death.

And, to respect the ‘hun’ of Vallejo:

Time is centipedallly scared of clocks.