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Once / Again

From Unwaith, Cyril Jones   Cip deryn ar dderyn...

Author: Cyril Jones
Translation: Philip Gross


Cunning swirls of breath on a neck in a...

Author: Tim Saunders
Translation: Tim Saunders


Rare is this wrought-work, pulled down by design; civilities...

Author: Anon.
Translation: Matthew Hollis

Ding Doon tha Mairch Dikes

We aye big mairch dikes for tae houl oor...

Author: Bakhtiyar Vahabzade
Translation: Steve Dornan

Iron Oss

  Iron osses, little wenches of the sidings, watch...

Author: Liz Berry

‘Dem Shout Batty Bwoy!’

‘Dem Shout     Batty Bwoy!’ I’m on my...

Author: Dean Atta

Dis Life is Nivver Enyoch

 1 ‘Kuml’ – Pagan burial site (Iceland National...

Author: Christine De Luca

Two poems


Author: Bebe Ashley

I Am the Airt

(Life and Times of the North Esk Reservoir)  ...

Author: Gerda Stevenson

On ze Kvestion off a ‘Hostile Infyroment’

  I myself sink ve hett inuff off Tayells...

Author: Sophie Herxheimer

Bag of Tomatoes

I could have been a woman or I could...

Translation: ANNA BLASIAK Maria Jastrzębska


A tram half-full climbs the incline squealing, off right,...

Author: Nijolė Miliauskaitė
Translation: Martyn Crucefix

Three poems

The Woman on the Metro Gives me Back my...

Author: Agnė Žagrakalytė
Translation: Frances Leviston Julija Gulbinovic

Two poems

For the Unknown Cabiria   Under the bridge –...

Author: Judita Vaičiūnaitė
Translation: Rimas Uzgiris

Two poems

In the Swimming Pool   They would allow me...

Author: Giedrė Kazlauskaitė
Translation: Rimas Uzgiris

San Andreas Fault

Two days after my birthday a new film came...

Author: Dovydas Grajauskas
Translation: Frances Leviston Julija Gulbinovic


Tell me I am necessary for you like sleep…...

Author: Shazea Quraishi

The Sent For

What is our load? A white word. A carrion...

Author: Lydia Harris