Angela Marcovici is a Romanian poet born in 1941 in Arad, Romania. She has published over 15 volumes of poetry, diary and essays, among the best known being The Rooster Hidden in the Cut, Postmodern Runs, I Eat My Lyrics, The Language of Disappearance, The Endearing Mocking Events, The Village in Which I Walked with My Head Shaved, and Diary Written in the Third Part of the Day. She has received numerous awards, including the Mihai Eminescu National Poetry Prize in 2006, the Gheorghe Crăciun Prize of the Cultural Observatory magazine in 2016. Her most explored themes are loneliness, motherhood or death. After her early neo-expressionist volumes, she has achieved in the 1980s and especially after 1989 critical acclaim with volumes such as Blindajul final (The Final Armour, 1981) in a style that has been described as visceral, confessional and radical.