Martti Hynynen

Martti Hynynen was born in Rovaniemi, Finland, close to the Arctic Circle in 1952 and grew up on the banks of Finland’s greatest river, Kemijoki. His first collection, saari, nimetön luoto (island, nameless rock), was published in 1991 by Werner Söderström and his second is nearing completion. 

The five poems in MPT Series 3, No. 10 ‘The Big Green Issue’ are all from the first collection. The simple processes of nature, such as the sprouting of potato shoots, feature frequently in Hynynen’s poems. Man´s relationship to those processes, however, is ambivalent; sometimes in harmony, sometimes discovering identity (or effecting escape) through the natural processes of change and transformation and sometimes appearing to be in conflict with nature. His second collection was published in English translation by Cinnamon Press in March 2009 under the title  island, nameless rock.

– from Mike Horwood’s introduction in MPT Series 3/10 ‘The Big Green Issue’