Dennis Silk

Dennis Silk (1928-1998) was a poet, playwright and translator. He was born in London, but moved to Israel at the age of 26. He worked for many years at the Jerusalem Post. His ‘Thing Theatre’ plays were published in William the Wonder-Kid: Plays, Puppet Plays and Theater Writings (1996) – these unusual and eccentric plays […]

Robert Friend

Robert Friend (1913-1998) was a poet and translator. He was born in New York and settled in Israel in 1950, where he taught English and American literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He published ten collections of poetry (one posthumously) and translated many poets from Hebrew into English, including selected works by Ra’hel, Lea […]

Arieh Sachs

Arieh Sachs (1932-1992) was born in Tel-Aviv and taught English literature and Theatre Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He published several collections of his own poetry in Hebrew, and translated poetry from English, including John Berryman’s Dream Songs. He was the author of two academic studies: Passionate Intelligence: Imagination and Reason in the Work of […]

Margalit Benaya

Margalit Benaya (1927-1983) published her translations of Yehuda Amichai in a number of poetry magazines. Her book-length translations include The Signal Fires of Lachish by Rivka Guber (1964) and The Hebrew Battalions (1969) by Ishak Ben-Zvi (co-translated with Taffy Becker). She was born in the United States and settled in Israel.

Yehuda Amichai

The useful and beautiful poetry of Yehuda Amichai can make much happen. Rosie Schaap, New York Times Book Review Yehuda Amichai was born in Germany in 1924. He moved to Israel with his family at the age of 11 when Germany was in the grip of National Socialism. He is often recognised as Israel’s most significant modern poet, […]

Dom Moraes

Dom Moraes (1938-2004) was a poet and the author of travel books and autobiography. He was born in Bombay and came to England at 16. He published his first book of poetry A Beginning in 1957 and it won the Hawthornden Prize, he went on to publish a number of well-received poetry collections. In 1964 […]

Daniel Weissbort

Daniel Weissbort was born into a family that had only just settled in England. His parents were Polish Jews who had met in Belgium and who spoke together in French, the language of their acquaintance. Weissbort remembered growing up and answering their French with English: The net result of this was that English, though it […]

Czesław Miłosz

a severe and relentless mind Joseph Brodsky, World Literature Today Czesław Miłosz was born in Szetejnie in Lithuania in 1911, which at the time was a part of the Russian Empire. Miłosz spoke fluent Polish, Russian, English and French, and was an accomplished translator as well as a novelist and poet. Modern Poetry in Translation […]

Ivan V. Lalić

a virtuoso display of metaphor and image Gerard Smith, The Irish Times Serbian poet Ivan V. Lalić was born in Belgrade in 1931, in what was at the time known as Yugoslavia. He was eight years old when the Second World War broke out, and during the war experienced the deaths of many of his […]

Ted Hughes

A gable, a psychic gable that you could put your back to. Seamus Heaney Ted Hughes and Daniel Weissbort met at Cambridge in the early fifties where they both studied as undergraduates. Ted, five years older than Daniel Weissbort, was already a graduate when Weissbort, together with David Ross, published some of his early poems […]