Lee Jenny

Lee Jenny was born in Busan, South Korea in 1972 and studied social work at Kyungnam University. After 15 years of submitting poems, she debuted with her poem “Peru” in 2008. She has since published four poetry collections not yet translated into any language: Maybe Africa (Changbi Publishers, 2010), Because We Don’t Know Ourselves (Moonji Publishing […]

Kateřina Rudčenková

KATEŘINA RUDČENKOVÁ (1976) has published poetry, short stories and plays. Her fourth poetry collection Chůze po dunách (Walking on Dunes) won the Magnesia Litera Award. Her work has been translated into twenty languages and her poetry was included in Six Czech Poets (Arc Publications).

Tereza Riedlbauchová

TEREZA RIEDLBAUCHOVÁ is a poet, translator, editor, and the founder of the Literary Salon press. Her books include Blue Apples (2000), The Great Night of Biskupov (2005), and Paris Notebook (2013).

Olga Stehlíková

OLGA STEHLÍKOVÁ founded Ravt on-line magazine, and works in Czech Broadcasting and as a book editor. Her third book of poetry is Vykřičník jak stožár (The Exclamation Mark High as a Pole), and her poems have been translated into nine languages.

Jan Skácel

JAN SKÁCEL, who died a few weeks before Czechoslovakia’s ‘Velvet Revolution’ in 1989 at the age of 67, is one of the most widely read and loved of twentieth-century Czech poets.

MIlan Děžinský

MILAN DĚŽINSKÝ is the author of six poetry collections, 2014 nominee for Dresden Lyrikpreis, first laureate of the Vaclav Burian Poetry Prize 2016, and winner of Magnesia Litera 2017.

Phi Hoàng

PHI HOÀNG (b. 1954, Xuân Đài, Vietnam) is a poet, mother and retired schoolteacher. Her first poem translated into English was published in Modern Poetry in Translation.

Joseph Brodsky

Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodsky (24 May 1940 – 28 January 1996) was a Russian-American poet and essayist. Born in Leningrad in 1940, Brodsky ran afoul of Soviet authorities and was expelled (“strongly advised” to emigrate) from the Soviet Union in 1972, settling in the United States with the help of W. H. Auden and other supporters. Brodsky was […]

Sugita Hisajo

Sugita Hisajo (1890-1946) was born in Kagoshima, Kyushu. After her marriage, she began studying haiku with the well-known poet Takahama Kyoshi and became an active member of his haiku circle, even publishing her own haiku magazine. However, in 1936 for reasons unknown Kyoshi expelled her from his circle. Heartbroken, she gradually stopped writing haiku and […]

Yosa Buson

Yosa Buson (1716-1784) was a Japanese haikai poet and painter, one of the greatest haikai poets of the premodern period. Born in a village near Osaka. Buson later moved to the capital city, Edo, where he began to study poetry. He later travelled in the footsteps of his idol Bashō around northern Japan, before finally […]