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Haiku translation workshop

This online workshop focuses on a selection of three haiku, chosen by Alan Cummings, and presented along with his literal translations.

This workshop has been generously sponsored by if:book as part of the Dot Award, set up to encourage literary authors to develop new work inspired by digital possibilities for literature. We are aiming to experiment by inviting translations not only into English but into any other medium: from audio to animation, photographs to sketches (Masaoka Shiki, popularised the idea of the haiku as ‘shasei’ or sketching).

You can submit a text translation through the form at the bottom of this page. If you’d like to submit audio, video images or any other media, please fill out the submissions form and, in place of poem text, please include a link to a Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo (and so on) where we can view your submissions and embed it on the MPT website.

You are welcome to translate as many as you choose: just a single haiku, two or even all three.

Please send us your translations by 20 May and translator Alan Cummings will pick the best to discuss on our podcast. 

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